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THE SIMPLER TO INSTALL, CHEAPER AND MORE EFFECTIVE KIT TO MAINTAIN YOUR MTB IN CONTACT WITH THE GROUND With the Enduro Kit, Andreani Group introduces an innovative tuning system that allows in few steps to optimize the air suspensions functioning according to your needs and riding style. Thanks to the FT1, infact, it is possibile to act on the forks positive chamber (range of travel: 140-180 mm) and modify the compression and rebound curve at your own convenience, making the suspension more progressive and effective also in case of more pronounced roughness. This kit is composed by different types, thickness and layout compound to satisfy every need and, depending on the chosen combination, it will be possible to achieve significant results especially on entry/mid level suspension. Our compound acts also as vibration damper and will make your mountain bike ride experience more pleasant and efficient.

FT1KIT Case PROIMPACT fork kit for end user
2 pieces FT1408/109-26 PROIMPACT FT1 Grey Ø 26 - Square Hole 8,4
2 pieces FT1232/57-26 PROIMPACT FT1 Pink Ø 26 - Square Hole 8,4
8 pieces FT1288/72-26 PROIMPACT FT1 Brown Ø 26 - Square Hole 8,4
2 pieces FT1168/38-26 PROIMPACT FT1 Orange Ø 26 - Square Hole 8,4
2 pieces CSTICK STICK from 32 to 36mm - Rod L290

Operate on fork and mono was never so faster and effective.


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